Overseas Nursing Carer Careers


Nurses as Senior Carers


An interview with your Sponsors within days of your registration with us. Two days after a successful interview you will be awarded a Certificate of Sponsorship.


The Visa application will be submitted now and takes few weeks for a decision by the British Embassy to be made.


We prepare for your move overseas, supporting you to find accommodation and handling any queries that may arise.


You arrive in the UK and begin your new role. Our support does not end here however, and you will still be able to speak to us about any queries that may arise as well as help with future placements. We are always happy to help and can support you during further examinations to become an NMC registered nurse. All you need to do is ask!

We have a great understanding and links with the British Council, UKVI and the NMC.

We are proven suppliers of nurses as Senior Carers to many homes and hospitals.

We understand the financial commitment made by the sponsor, so we reduce costs wherever possible and have a team of solicitors we can draw upon where required to speed up processes.